Powder Coating Troubleshooting Guide

Chapter Three: Powder Chemistries, Formulations, Comparisons, and Uses

6000 Series epoxy polyester hybrid powder coating systems for medical equipment   6000 Series Epoxy/ Polyester Hybrids combine excellent decorative appearance with superb protective properties. A range of colors and glosses are available which provide good chemical resistance, flexibility, exceptional impact strength and overbake properties. The epoxy resin of an epoxy / polyester hybrid formulation will chalk on exposure to sunlight, therefore this series is recommended for interior applications. Some typical applications of our 6000 series would include automotive accessories and automobile underbody parts, office furniture, power tools, sporting equipment, metal shelving, display racks and electrical components.
7000 Series epoxy powder coating systems for coating furniture   7000 Epoxy Systems yield excellent chemical resistance and superior mechanical properties and are available in many colors and glosses. Like the 6000 series, they will chalk with exposure to sunlight. Again this series is best recommended for interior uses such as automotive accessories and automobile underbody parts, office furniture, power tools, sporting equipment, metal shelving, display racks and electrical components.
8000 Series urethane powder coating systems for lighting   8000 Series Urethanes are designed for applications in all types of environments. 8000 series urethanes provide very good resistance to chemical and corrosive conditions and superior resistance to color and gloss change in areas of sunlight exposure making them a good choice for interior or exterior applications. 8000 series uses would include applications to numerous automotive accessories and underbody parts. TCI coatings also perform well on architectural products such as aluminum extrusions, patio and lawn furniture, farm equipment and garden implements, sporting goods and playground equipment. Interior or exterior reflective lighting fixtures and electrical enclosures also benefit.
9000 Series Polyester TGIC powder coating systems, RAL powder coatings   9000 Series Polyester (TGIC) Systems offer similar mechanical properties to epoxy and epoxy / polyester hybrid systems, however, the 9000 series is also resistant to chalking, color and gloss changes with exposure to sunlight. This series is recommended for both interior and exterior applications and are also suitable for thick film applications. Use this series in many of the same instances as with our 8000 series.
PROPERTY ASTM Hybrids Epoxies Urethanes Polyesters
Hardness   G E G VG
Flexibility   E E E E
Overbake Stability   VG P - G G E
Exterior Durability   - - VG E
Corrosion Protection   VG E VG VG
Chemical Resistance   VG E G VG
Application Properties   E VG VG VG
Specific Gravity D-792 1.2-1.9 1.2-1.9 1.2-1.9 1.2-1.9
Film Thickness D-1186 2 to 25 mils 1 to 25 mils 1 to 6 mils 2 to 25 mils
Theoretical Coverage *1 - 160-102 160-102 160-102 160-102
Percent Gloss @ 60° D-523 10-100 3-100 3-100 25-100
Pencil Hardness D-3363 H-4H 2H-6H H-6H H-4H
Flexibility *2 D-522 180° 180° 180° 180°
Adhesion *3 D3359-B No Lift No Lift No Lift No Lift
Impact Resistance ** D-2794 160 lbs 160 lbs 160 lbs 160 lbs
Salt Spray Resistance *** B-117 1000 hrs 1000 hrs 1000 hrs 1000 hrs
Humidity Resistance **** D-2247 1000 hrs 1000 hrs 1000 hrs 1000 hrs

1) Square foot coverage/lb/mil
2) 2 mil coating bent over a 1/8" mandrel
3) 1/8" cross-hatched squares

* 102 ft²/lb/mil -160 ft²/lb/mil @ 1.2-1.9 SG
** These are maximum values, many formulas will not have maximum values.
***ASTM D-1654: >= procedure A; >= procedure B.
**** ASTM D-1654 >= procedure B.

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