TruIllusion Powder CoatingsTruIllusion Powder Coatings

TCI Illusion powder coatings with a highly reflective metallic look.

Illusion is the distortion of the senses, reveling how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. This is the basis for TCI Powder Coatings' TruIllusion product line. These unique special effect products were developed to allow you to interpret or imagine almost anything. As the light reflects the different angles created in the coating, the reflection changes, and therefore the illusion is created offering a special effect appearance.

The primary reason powder coatings are applied is to protect, making it last longer, and improve its aesthetic to give it a more appealing appearance. You have always had the opportunity to select a white color, a black color, and virtually anything in between, but now for the first time, you have the chance to select an illusion of color never before seen. TCI TruIllusion product line was launched in 2013 and has taken the market by surprise, offering extremely high DOI, highly reflective metallic look, and a formulation backbone and pigment package that can be used outdoors.

If you want to see your part be transformed before your very eyes, coat them with TruIllusion and watch the magic!

Ideal ApplicationsTruIllusion highly reflective metallic powder coating colors

  • Motorcycle parts
  • Wheels
  • Displays/signage
  • Recreational Equipment
  • Lawn and garden accessories

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